Best in Slot BG's & Arenas

I was wondering if anyone has crunched some numbers to see if there are any PVE pieces that perform better than tyrannical gear inside instanced PVP (arena and BG's)? I'm thinking there could be a trinket, a ring, or some piece that is an upgrade.
(I'm assuming you meant destro if so the trinkets that proc off crits and grant intellect are the ones you would want) I can't really think of any other than those.
I've been using Breath o' Hydra since 5.3 release. In my estimation it's better than using a pvp power (with spell damage proc) trinket.

I have yet to take the time to exhaustively compare the stats and whatnot, but I wouldn't be surprised if using 4 pieces of (Normal or Heroic) Sha is our best right now, on account of the bonuses. I want to take a look at which four would be best, figure it will take some Hit tweaking.

I need to look at the stats and determine if the gain of a significant decrease in DS cooldown is worth the loss of pvp power and perhaps a gem.
I wouldn't consider using the T14 4-piece worth it. You're losing several thousand PvP power, as well as losing 10% DoT damage and the ability for Twilight Ward to absorb all magic damage.
Trinkets are the only viable pieces to use.

Everything else scales down and becomes less potent than current Tyrannical pieces.

Trinkets are also not reliable, RPPM system is lowered against PvP targets due to item level deflation, so you'll have less procs with higher duration and half potency. PvP trinkets may indeed be BiS.

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