H jin'rohk disc

I'll be doing a lot of atonement healing during puddle time obviously but I'm more interested in storm. I figured I'd pop SS and PoH rotate 8 - 10 seconds before storm (assuming I don't get last ball -_-) starts then pop archangel and bubble spam as I run over to the grates, throw in a cascade as well as a PoM and hope for the best.

Does this sound about right?
Yeah, thats pretty much what I do. If you need more healing, a pain supp + barrier on yourself will allow you to soak the lightning and hardcast. You should be able to get through it with just bubble spam, especially if you SS before hand, though.
I never get a decent opportunity to stack SS on H Jinrokh because I either get a late Focused Lightning or have to use real heals. I spam PWS, PoM and Cascade, Flash as necessary.
Here is my priest BTW. Just joined a guild and got start with thier ragtag second group that has been having issues for weeks.

Thier loot system is cause me a lot of concern and my complaints are just viewed as whining as I'm told it's not a big deal. Thunderforged ji-kun staff and priest tier legs drop of ji-kun. I'm at 502 ilvl with LFR staff so I'm like OMFG my BiS staff!!!! My druid also has 8 kills on ji-kun and never seen a staff. The staff goes to a 515 ele shaman with a 491 sha-touched main hand a 522 off-hand. I get the tier pants that NO ONE else even wanted.

Out of the 11 bosses we killed the only item I got was the tier pants (I already had the 502 LFR tier). I went up 1 item level to 503 as the shaman goes from 515 to 517. It's a BiS healer weapon and without it you have to get iron qons offhand and one of the rare healer main hands...totally ridiculous. Later at twins tier head drops and goes to the 519 shadow priest because he outrolled me... I don't care if this is my first week with them, this is totally dumb. Apaprently they are afraid oh new guys getting gear and bailing and want to give raiders with 12+ ilvl stuff just cause they haven't gotten anything in awhile or it will push them toward a set bonus.

Edit: They also pretty much made fun of me for not liking disc and using holy spec for some fights -_-

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