[RP] Bordak decides what to eat for breakfast

Emerald Dream
For Dynamite who is waiting for the story about Bordak deciding what he wants for Breakfast.

*Laid out before him, stretched from his chair to the end on the long table, all the glorious breakfast options of the world are waiting. A hollow voice resounds in the hall, its origin unknown....*

Bordak, it is breakfast time and you must decide. Choose wisely Paladin!

*Rubbing his chin.*

Well the eggs look mighty good.


But wait. Look at those cinnamon rolls and orange juice.

*Out of the corner of his eye.*

Ohh no, but then I'd miss crepes and strawberries...

*Looking further up the table.*

But what about something simple, like oatmeal and raisins.

*and to his left.*

Or muffins and butter!

*To his right...*

Or steak ....or pancakes.

*In front of him.*

Or hash browns and catchup?

*Bordak confused and lost stares at the ceiling, tears in his eyes!*

But there are so many options! I CANNOT decided. Noooooo.

*The waitress approaches suddenly, clip in her hand waiting. Bordak turns towards her.*

I'll take tea and crumpets, ma'am. Thank you.

*Mystery solved, the table is suddenly clear and Bordak sits comfortably in the Golden Gryphon waiting for his tastee breakfast.*

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