(RP) Stormwind and Ironforge fleecing

Emerald Dream
Jax’saan was sitting comfortably upstairs against the railing of the main hut in Sin’jin village, a few empty bottles of red ale strewn about, blurry eyes staring blankly out towards the off-shore islands, thick with jungle, snakes, bugs, and Trolls.
Snakes he didn’t mind, and mostly the bugs were a nuisance, but it was the Troll’s penchant to use a fermented fish sauce in most of their food that really bugged him. He could smell them long before they got anywhere near him. However, right now, he was part of Vol’jins rebellion, and so everything smelled like Troll.
Even Thrall was here, which, when he wandered into the bustling militarized village, Thrall had looked him over, and shook his head. Chen Stormstout was there as well, giving him a big, toothy grin as he greeted Thrall.
The Troll’s were excited to finally push Garrosh out, and in his opinion, too many Orc's, and Tauren were showing an equal amount of determination to finally rid themselves of Garrosh. Jax, a shortened version of his given name had shaken his head in exasperation, ducked through the milling crowds, and walked up to the upper level, found a comfortable spot where he proceeded to think.

Thinking always came in the form of a few bottles of ale, or one of the Dwarven stouts…he had to smile, that little raid on Iron Forge paid off…not sure how it went for the rest of the clan, but he himself made off with a case of some of stumpers best ale. A reserve of the richest, creamiest ale that had a refreshing crispness that would make the hardiest warriors of the Horde sing like Blood Elves.

Jax laughed at the thought of battle hardened Orc warriors singing like Blood Elves. He pursed his lips, reached into his satchel and pulled out the last bottle. Uncorking it, he smelled the rich aroma of the reserve that was rarer than rare.

“If there is one thing those stumpers are good for,” Jax took a long pull on the bottle, then wiping his mouth with thumb and fore-finger, “Grom's blood, they do know how to make an excellent ale.”

“Thought I find you up here.” A familiar voice said from behind him. Jax turned to see Chen.

“Chen!” Jax tried to stand, but his inebriation kept him firmly planted on the deck, which was probably a good thing since he was sitting on the outside of the railing.

“Don’t get up my friend!” Chen said loudly, as he lunged to grab Jax’s collar. Ensuring that Jax was firmly planted back down, Chen patted him, and then leaned on the railing above Jax looking out at the same islands.

“You were gone for a bit.”

“Yeah,” Jax smiled, “I was.”

“You were in Stormwind, were you not?”

Jax frowned, swallowed, then nodded.

“You do know that word gets around, yes?”

Jax felt the grimace on his face.

“Word like how you were collecting street cred by mugging people in the alleys, and by-way’s the city of canals.”

“I only…”

“You do know that an Orc of your skills doesn’t have to relieve his misfortune and poverty at the expense of others.”

“I only went after the ones who had coin to share.”

Chen nodded, “I worry about you, my friend, but we are about to embark on an epic revolution. Come, we will have a beer together, and see if I can reform you in this short time we have together.”
Jax smiled as Chen reached over and help pull him over the railing.

Jax giggled.

“What is so funny, Jax?” Chen Stormstout asked.

“I left a tip for the Police in Stormwind,” Jax neared laughed his butt off, falling on Chen’s chest, “actually, for the Karma Police…” Jax laughed some more, “ I left a tidily neat stack of twelve Durotar copper coins on the upper table in the Blue Recluse with a note saying, ‘Here’s twelve coins for twelve eyes to pay the boatman to cross the skies.’”

“I do not know what that means.” Chen helped Jax down the steps.

“Neither do I, but it sounds funny.”

“You should not antagonize the Law, whether in Orgrimmar, or Stormwind.”

Jax turned, drunkenly looked into Chen’s eyes, and said, “You mean like what were about to do?”

Chen frowned, but nodded, “You have a point.”

Jax drunkenly chuckled once more, “Chen, I believe you would have made a good rogue…let us go antagonize the Law in Orgrimmar. WAIT...first, a beer!”

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