Disc or Shadow for PvP on Fresh 90


I recently dinged 90 after a long WoW hiatus, and am in the process of trying to figure out whether to gear for disc or shadow pvp.

Looking for BGs and poorly played 2v2 arena with a warrior.

I'm gearing out PvE as disc, if that factors in.

Played battlegrounds as both disc and shadow, but my mixture of crafted blues and some malevolent is leading me to have to decide whether to keep gearing for disc or start buying the shadow pieces to be more competitive.

Any ideas? Thanks!
If you are familiar with disc, I say go that direction, It is in a fairly balanced place right now, and you wont often get turned down for a healing spot in pvp, shadow has been in a really good place too, but might not be in as high of demand with the lifeswap nerf and how good mages/warlocks are atm.
Shadow last patch 5.3 destroyed disc priest they are not as effective as they use to be in pvp
Eventually you get to gear for both.

Since you 2v2 with a warrior, get into Disc first since you'll be able to arena relatively easily and get the tyrannical gear. Your cap should also be pretty high, so queing as arms/disc should get you caught up quick.

Eventually you'll get caught up on disc gear and then can finally get into shadow gear, and can basically switch between specs at will.

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