Metamorphosis bug on a low lvl

Since I unlocked Demon form the tooltip says it's supposed to boost my damage by 24%, the tooltip of the buff says 0%.

It doesn't appear to be a tooltip bug since my Shadow bolt hit for 110 on average in human form, and the same damage in demon form.

Anybody else is running into this issue ?
The 24% comes from mastery. You won't get it until 80.

There's also a topic on this at least once a day. The forum search tools are quite helpful.
Well thats a bummer, thanks for the clarification :) I will make sure to use the search function next time
I had the same issue, good to know it only comes at 80. Thanks.
No, its just one of those 5.3 bugs. I opened a ticket yesterday and they said they're having it fixed right now. At 80 with mastery, it does 48%, not 24%.
You mean when they implemented a patch, they didn't bother to see if it would break things?

Nah. Not my Blizzard.

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