how can you tell DK burst is coming?

Death Knight
I need help trying to figure out when the bursts of different classes are coming so I know when to use key abilities and to possibly trinket so I can keep healing.

For some classes, like ret pallies and hunters, the burst is obvious. They have wings.. they turn big and red.. etc etc..

But for DKs (of both speccs), what kind of visual cues can I use? Are there any sound effects I should look for? I really have no clue when a DK is about to pop his burst CDs. Thanks for the help!
Unholy is much easier to tell than frost, ghoul gets huge and gargoyle comes out. Frost is definitely difficult to tell..your best bet honestly is to monitor their buffs. Trinket and pillar of frost are up it's about to hurt.
It's been one minute and you were just gripped and strangulated.
It's more of a feel, when you see your attacks proc'ing at the same time over and over again, that's your burst.
Priests have had & most commonly have a problem with NS (( ))

Never sit still to Face Tank a DK. I'm sure there is an addon that will aid your eye on watching such from stacking. NS is & always has been brutal to a Priest.

Just adding to the thread
for uh their burst comes when gargoyle comes out. try your best to shackle it if you can as it significantly reduces the amount of burst they do in that window, but if you can't shackle it dont waste your time shackling while hes stacking necros on you and you're falling behind. for frost it's basically whenever they pop pillar of frost which is every minute, usually when you've been stranged or asphyxd.

for warriors generally when you're dipping moderately low and you used your trinket on a shockwave is when they'll pop their burst. next shockwave you have no trinket so then comes reck/banner/avatar

rogues is pretty easy to tell, basically whenever they open on you they're bursting with dance. or if you get a fat six second kidney with not trinket

generally any class/spec is going to pop their burst when you've dipped moderately low (~75%) and your trinket isnt up

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