Obliterate/Frost Strike with Killing Machine?

Death Knight
Many sites I've been on suggest that frost strike is the best to use with Killing Machine.. However.. I've noticed that Obliterate seems to do more dmg with Killing Machine.. Is there some secret that I'm not aware of, or have I just been going to crappy sites?
If you can use obliterate if its on cooldown use frost strike really cant go wrong .
Depends on wether you are dual wielding or using a 2 hander.

2h wants all their km procs to go into oblit. If its not possible to use it on oblit in the extremely near future and you can frost strike you should do so or else you are risking proc overwrites

Dw doesn't really run into this problem as it overflows with the rp needed to prioritize its harder hitting frost strikes.

Tl dr
2h km prioritize oblit
Dw km prioritize frost strike
Your sites are probably also awful, but Kusari explained it well.

Also, don't save KMs for Obliterate, but don't use it on Frost Strike before Obliterate.

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