Very low level shadow priest issues.

I know that the game isn't balanced around low levels, especially very low levels, but the shadow priest is almost incomprehensible. From level 10 to 21 it has worse damage than the two healing specs. In addition to less damage, it also has a more boring rotation. In addition to that it also has more mana issues. In addition, shadow has a very long time before it gets any new combat abilities.

I can think of no reason to play shadow priest from 10 to 21. You would have a faster and easier time by just being discipline or holy and calling yourself a dps.

Even at 21, the dps differences aren't that great. Not until 24 and shadowform could you consider shadow to be a spec worth picking.

Seriously, other than flavor considerations, low level shadow priest is worthless.
Maybe they could give mind blast earlier (15ish?), but save the orb mechanic and DP until 21? IIRC, paladins get one of their HP generators *really* early, but don't get the actual HP bar until they get their first HP spender.

I don't see it as a huge issue though, since you can probably go 10-21 in a few hours. You only have one spec slot at that level, is it really worth adopting one spec just to unlearn it in a couple hours and learn another one?

Mind flay is kind of disappointing compared to some of the other level 10 abilities though. Sure it's spammable, but it's not exactly awesome.
shadow having mana problems at low levels is just to get you ready for level 90, where shadow still has mana problems.

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