Overturned Korkron Shipments

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Why is the message being spammed on my server, but I never see any appear on the mini map and have spent about 1 hour flying around to their spawn points, but no luck. Are these incredibly bugged, or faction specific?
I don't know D: I was just about to make a thread on this myself. It only appears for me occasionally. The rest of the time the map is just blank, while the message continues to pop up.
I made a post in the bug report forums if anyone with this problem wants to post there. I'm wondering if it could have anything to do with cross realm. Not sure if barrens is cross realm anymore, and if that's the case, then MAYBE we could be seeing the tells of other realms still? Meaning a different realm had a shipment appear for their realm, but we're seeing the tell unintentionally. Just a theory but who knows. Or it could just be a different bug altogether, like just being the tells are going off too often, who knows...but it's really...bugging me. Yeah I went there! ;P
I saw one on patch day and haven't come across a single one since.

(edit) Lies. I did see one on my map last night, but by the time I got there there was nothing. That's the ONLY time I've ever seen one on the map, though I've seen countless announcements.
The Barrens are not suppose to be CRZ event going on ...but that doesn't mean whatever code that makes up CRZ isn't effecting how the maps should be working by showing on the map were the overturned shipments are...personally wish they just turn off the junk of CRZ and go back to were it was before.....
I kept seeing messages about overturned shipments too, but have yet to figure out how to find one. The map tells me nothing, and I have no idea how to find one otherwise.
I opened a ticket and a GM confirmed that these ARE in fact bugged.

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