Do raid PUGs still happen here?

I've recently returned to this beautiful realm after a few years off. But as much as I love face-rolling on raid finder and in other cross-realm groups, I've been sort of dismayed with the status of Baelgun PUGing of entry level raids. After all, I'd like to have to faceroll MoP raids at least a little. Does anyone know if there are any groups on the Alliance side that are going for these raids? Or must one join a guild nowadays?
Short Answer: No. If you are looking to pug I recommend a high pop server like Sargeras or Illidian, folks there seem to be pugging 12/12 ToT clears regularly. But if you are looking to fail this is your one stop shop!

Sadly, I would have to agree. Baelgun has seen better days when it was a high pop realm when it comes to PUG's.

Current content next to zilch as far as pug's go. Transmog runs for LK or very old content happens regular. Raids such as MV, Heart of Fear, TOES .. it's hit and miss. They do happen but sadly, vent isn't always used and the group lead does not always know what they are doing.


There's opportunity for YOU to step in an fill the void :D

Any takers?
its been this way sense they did the shared lock outs between 10 and 25 mans..... on a different note there are pug groups for the world bosses. but as others have said, there are very hit or miss for mop raids and your better off going to a high pop sever if you want to see a ton of pugs.
Ahhh yes.... those were the days, Running 10 man ICC in Guild then leading pug ICC 25 mans the next night. *sniff* miss those days

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