5.3 Affliction PvP

How well is affliction now? Has anyone tested it?
I ask because of the changes with PvP power scaling as well as what the 4 set does to affliction.

I am sorry if there is another thread like this out there, I didn't find one though.
Compared to Destro, Affliction has a bit more pressure again, and it is once again a strong 3v3 spec. Not sure how well it operates in RBGs/5v5 due to lack of personal experience with aff in either in 5.3. The buff to DoT's with the 4pc on top of the previous Haunt buff means it can pull out some respectable damage if you don't get locked out of shadow all day.
Gem mastery and glyph unending affliction. Amazing longer lasting damage for RBGs/5v5, plus it buffs the damage of malefic grasp slightly with more 10 stack agony ticks.
I'm pretty sure glyphing everlasting affliction is a bad idea. Sure they last longer, but do 20% less dmg... part of aff is keeping up your dots. The glyph makes that easier, but you lose your pressure, and keeping up dots is not hard. You can already make them last pretty long with pandemic.
05/24/2013 07:30 AMPosted by Nuclea
I'm pretty sure glyphing everlasting affliction is a bad idea.

I believe that It's an overall damage loss.

I think that the standard glyphs for Affliction are UA, Healthstone, and Siphon Life.
Mage I think is right... PvP is about quick kills.. More damage means quicker kills. The dps loss for longer dots is a waste I think.. Unless ur playing vs trash players in random bg. Does the glyph make dots undispellable? If not... There's that too, less damage while still being dispelled. That's not good.. I'm curious to try affliction because I like putting out pressure..

Anyone have any good experience about aff that op and I can base it off of?
...... Pandemic is your longer dots without dps loss... so no need for UA

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