New Glyph for GoSup

I'm suggesting that Blizzard makes a glyph to give you the benefits of Grimiore of Supremacy, but keeps the old skins. I like it as a talent, but I hate the look of the Wrathguard in Demo. Back in BC I lvl'd crazily to get that fel guard and I've loved him ever since. The Wrathguard just doesn't do it for me. What do you guys think? Good/Bad idea?
More options like this are always a good idea. I personally love the wrathguard (the "pink" felguard doesn't do it for me.) However, like I said, more options is good.
Yeah, that would be cool. I miss my felhunter. The new rapey observer is just... unsettling.
I dislike the model for both the felguard and the wrathguard. Not demony enough for me tbh. Would like the glyph so I could have the pup instead of floating eyeballs.
I don't mind the WG/FG models though I'd much rather have the Fel Hunter model than the Observer. I miss my Fel Puppy ;-(
TLDR, give us back fel puppy
Thanks for support!
Yeah, that would be cool. I miss my felhunter. The new rapey observer is just... unsettling.

I have to admit, that Observer-butt is truley something. I mean it covers the ENTIRE back of its head.

Also i miss my felpup Sloofum Q.Q
How do you guys not love the wrathguard model? I think it's great and love it's animations.

I do agree with you that the observer is so bad I'd rather take another pet even at a dps loss. Personally I play GoSac for destro so I don't even have to bother with them, otherwise it's GoSup + Imp, feels like good ole destro days :)
I hate the Wrathguard. Always have.
I wouldnt mind having the felpuppy as aff, but as demo, I want that hunky wrathguard out there.

Im vain, lol.

As an aside, that observer is frakking creepy looking.

Totally support this idea!
Isn't there another talent you can take that lets you keep your demon skins the way they are, and in fact summons a second model for 20 seconds? Why not take that?

That's why they added 3 talents that modify demons. 1. Complete overhaul. 2. Dual-Demons. 3. Demon-Free Warlock.

If you're a min-maxer, sorry you're stuck with 20% cooler demons.

If you play "for the fun of it", what's stopping you from taking the middle talent?

If you play "for the fun of it" but still want to crank out DPS... Taking the middle talent doesn't drop you off that much.
For Demo both GoServ and GoSup are viable choices. I'd assume this holds true for affliction as pet dps is heavily modified by haste.
You could always take Glyph of Service. It's comparable to Supremacy DPS wise.
Yeah I prefer the FG too, mainly because of his vocalizations and the fact that weapons don't scale with the WG, making almost all of them look puny.
Not to mention how ANNOYING the Observer sounds...
On top of that, classes with pets should be able to take their pets to groomers and customize their appearance to some degree! Oh and another idea for a warlock class quest, some type of item rewarded that lets you personally rename one of your demons.
I love my burbling !@#$%^-*! buddy...he sounds so happy during fights.

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