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Alright, I have seen a lot of little questions posted on this forum. I understand these questions can be important, but they do not seem big enough to warrant their own thread. So I just made this thread for people to post and answer said little questions.
This was, and is, a good idea. Maybe if you changed the thread title to "Post your RP questions Here"?
Thanks for the advice
I won't work. People want their own thread for the questions they ask. Even if the same question has been asked a million times! The ones that kill me and want to reach into the screen and strangle are the "Where is the best rp server?"

This question is asked constantly and yet if anyone wants to find out where to go all they need to do is search for the topic. They are always given the same answers every time. Moonguard or Wyrmrest Accord. There are other rp realms out there and they will chime in with the standard, "Come here we have good rp" but you go there and its not that its bad, just hard to find. Why? Because everyone goes to where there are the highest population of players.

Someone should make a thread titled, "Where is all the rp?" and we can list all the rp realm forums guild and rp event calendars. Then we can sticky it and let people browse it to find what they want.

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