Classic "Knight" Transmog?

I'm not big into transmog - but can I get something that looks more conservative or classical? These stupid outfits are way too flashy for me - and if I wanted flashy, I would probably choose something like
^ (which is pretty cool)
I like this one -

The shoulders are not oversized and stupid looking like most of them are - which I HATE.
Some of the green sets are good and conservative.
Whoa! Those are very cool!
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If you want to look at the other sets, this should let you see them:

Just take note that the default picture is of a female, and some of the old sets become plate-kinis on females (but obviously not male). Just click the set and hit view in 3d with human male selected.
<---- Knigtly!

I love this.
My set is full Dark Iron. I didn't just go with the Dark Iron lookalike stuff, I got attuned to the quest to smelt it and work it in Blackrock Depths. Took me about 2-3 months to finish it. Looking at AH prices, I could have sold the set for about 88k when I was done.

The only non-Dark Iron piece is the belt, which I had to do because if there is a Dark Iron plate belt, I've never found the pattern for it. The only pattern I can find is a mail pattern.

If/when we can transmog polearms over swords/axes/maces, I will use the one from the Dark Iron set for that purpose. I'm also considering using the Fel Iron Greatsword, which matches the red/black of the rest of this outfit.
These are knights!
You could try mine.

This is a somewhat classical look....
I was trying for a more classic type look here .
You could try mine.

I like everything but the helmet. The tabard REALLY helps with the look.

Palliebabe - you're is nice, and simple how I like it, but too revealing and whorish for me as a male - but 8/10 would stare at again.

Bueford - I like it, but I'm not a fan of the skirt :-/

Keep them coming guys, I think there are awesome ideas here!
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I want to be you!
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Feel free to try this one ;)
I've been collecting the sets that look the most "paladin-y", which in my opinion are Lawbringer, Judgement, Justicar, Lightbringer, Turalyon's, and Radiant Glory, but on a whim I collected the blue and gold Lightforge set and haven't changed outfits since. It looks both paladin-like, and Alliance-knight like.
I like to think my set is fairly modest/holy knightish besides the goggles. It's got gems in it, but it's not truly flashy imo.
I personally prefer the anti hero look in sporting no flash here...just pain

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