DW Frost Damage?

Death Knight
Since patch 5.3 I had to change some gems around. Now I am doing a lot of damage, but not getting the killing blows I was before patch 5.3 and I like getting those killing blows in. I see locks getting more killing blows doing a third of my damage. I had 15 mil in a random, a lock had 3 mil, but I only had 4 kbs and the lock had 10 kbs.

Any suggestions? Or is it we all have trouble now with the new base res and lack of pvp power?
Had some good randoms this morning, 13 killing blows, 9.9mil damage top of leader board and we won. At least I am starting to find the right gems and reforge to get back to some of the glory of prepatch 5.3 !

My frost strike crits are hitting a lot harder now. I got a 208k crit on a npc. And I can solo a lot more toons now, before I made some adjustments I was getting rolled over lol.

DW Frost DK still fun.
Had tons of fun in rbgs tonight, capped and won a lot with me being tops on the charts again and again. Think I got this bad boy tweaked pretty good.
KB do not matter, as long as you are doing good damage, KB don't mean anthing, unless you are doing arenas.

PS, I enjoyed DW frost more than 2h Frost, is it really good for 5.3?
Had to tweak it some, but I am enjoying it now. The more experience you have with it the better it is. Gear makes a big difference too.

I want to put together all DK rbg team, that would scare the enemy I bet. Just zerg like horde always does, nothing left standing in its wake.

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