[H] <Premonition> 10man - Recruiting Healer


We're currently 11/12 in Throne of Thunder.
MV 2/6H, HoF 6/6N, ToS 4/4 Protectors down.

Raid Hours:
Tues. Wed. & Thurs: 6PM - 9PM (Server/PST)

We have an immediate opening for one Healer. Ideally a Resto Shaman.

If you have any questions you can reach Tara or Tibet through in-game mail or whisper, and we can set up a vent meeting to go over anything you'd like to know. My Battle tag: Tara#1812 Our GM: hoobman#1207
Feel free to add MrCaine#1746 if you wanna join. :)
Have one open raid spot for melee DPS. DK or Warrior preferred.
are you still looking for a melee dps?
Hi Bknknight, We just filled the melee spot on Friday. We're currently looking for one Range DPS. We'd like to speak with you though, if you're interested in joining us on a fill in basis, or just looking for a an active guild. :) Battle tags: Tara#1812 our GM's: hoobman#1207
i should be on later tonight and have a mage ilvl494,hunter ilvl499 and a lock ilvl502 if u need a range but ill try to get in touch with you later tonight if I can or as soon as possible
Looking for one dedicated Healer! :)

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