Female Draenei Hexos Bug

Bug Report
I have encountered a bug in which instead of following the body, Hexos follows the casting animation of female draenei, causing him to leap forward and backward effectively making the already difficult fight impossible. Please fix asap.
I have confirmed this not only on myself, but every other female draenei i have seen attempt the boss
This has been a bug for AGES and it has NEVER been fixed. It still occurs not only for Draenei females but also Worgen females, making this fight much more difficult than it is supposed to be. Please fix.
This is true, I was trying to do this on my female Draenie Priest and it's literally impossible to do. I've done the Brawler's Guild numerous times and I'm a rank 10 on my main. This isn't fair, this is ridiculous!
After bashing my head for some time with mixed results, I think I am having this issue as well. Several attempts hexos was getting hit by the walls when he should not have been. Only 1-2 tries did I not notice strange ranged and moving which gets him hit a lot more.
So if anyone else is getting hung up by this, what I did was use a toy that altered my race or gender from my Toy Box. 1-shot after that. -=\

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