From Ashes 9/12 ToT LFM to fill core spots!

From Ashes is a reformed guild of friends that have raided together since Firelands. We raid Wednesday, Sunday and Monday 8:30-11:00PM server(EST). We’re currently recruiting any and all classes and roles to help with progression!

As stated above we are a newly reformed raiding guild whose core has been together for well over a year. We are a passionate group that believes in having fun while progressing through content. We always push ourselves, and each other, to new heights each and every week.

What we expect:
-People should show up on time and ready to go. 8:30 means we’re in the raid clearing trash/bosses, not that we’re just now logging on.
-Everyone should be using the best gear available to them, either through LFR, VP, boss drops, and token rolls. In order to help with this we try to have one night a week (not a normal raid night) dedicated to old content so people can get the gear they need.
-We also expect everyone to be enchanted and gemmed fully. We have several JC’s and Enchanters in guild, there is no excuse to be missing a gem or enchant.
-Come with consumables, we also provide these.
-High attendance. We all have lives outside of WoW and understand that sometimes people will be unable to make the days or times due to RL commitments. All we ask that is if something like that should happen please let someone know ASAP. That way the other 9 of us don’t get caught out.

So if you think you’d be a nice fit for us please add Clayzen#1102 in game for more details. Hope to hear from you soon!
Still looking!
To the top!
To the sky!
Fly like an eagle!
Healers come out and play!
Still looking!
Top of the mountain!
Disc Priest or Holydin, don't care which!
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Still lookin!
Still lookin!
Healers come out, come out, where ever you are!
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Let's go fishing!
Updated needs!
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