how can you tell when SP burst is coming?

I need help trying to figure out when the bursts of different classes are coming so I know when to use key abilities and to possibly trinket so I can keep healing.

For some classes, like ret pallies and hunters, the burst is obvious. They have wings.. they turn big and red.. etc etc..

But for shadow priests, what kind of visual cues can I use? Are there any sound effects I should look for? I really have no clue when a shadow priest is about to pop his burst CDs. Thanks for the help!
If he has cast Mind Blast at least 3 times, you can expect burst whenever an opportunity arises.
I have wings when I cast DP. But it's a glyph.
You expect us to betray ourselves?
Most Spriests run with a glyph that gives them wings. On a more reliable level, as soon as you get hit with a devouring plague you need to dispel it asap. Plague is the key to Spriest burst because it increases mind flays dmg (talent) and ticks for quite a bit.
When your face starts to melt.
LOL.. some of these comments.

Thanks for the advice
When you see insanity, it's probably a good time to pop a defensive cd
Devo Plague on you.
Pretty hard to tell, sometimes I will save 2 procs of instant mind spike and 3 orbs for DP. So if a priest has 3 orbs, they usually will use devouring plague. So chances are when you see devouring plague (on yourself or another player) they are bursting. There's no way to tell how many procs of instant mind spike they ahve unless you have them targettting and you see 2 stacks of darkness comes light. Pretty hard to stop all that, 2 instant mind spike + instant Mind blast and devouring plague and other dots up = you in trouble. And that's basically the burst. THe funny thing is it isn't like other classes where it's every 2 minutes. With Spriest you could do that every 40 seconds or so if someone is letting you freecast. I made the mistake of trying to tank a spriest in dal arena and he toasted me.

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