Priest Transmogs :)

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@Croppy: Lamp of Peaceful Repose
One of extremely few offhands that show on your hip, so it looks like you're dual-wielding.
Shadow priest in black. All mogs look the same on me except for the basic shape and that's the way I like it.

Still lacking gloves, but eh. Not the most exciting, but I like it right now.
I love the evil angel look i got with this tier
I made a stupid one, but I'm to lazy to change it.
That's what i don't like about priests. There's not as much shadow looking sets as there are holy/disc. Love mine though
I went with T6. Already had the pieces and it is, in my opinion, the best looking tier set for priests.
But I am working on gathering pieces for something new.
For the first time this entire expansion I've finally transmoged my gear... Now I need to find a cloak that I like... and stop using wands... because they are all ugly.
I have two priests so ...
two transmogs!
I was actually excited for 5.3 so I could finish this set without using my DMF tickets! I don't think many people like it, but it's one of my favorites.

Currently working to finish my Transcendence set and find another wand or two. Probably the Ulduar wands are all that's left that I really like--terrible luck on those, though.

I love that set. How can I get it through DMF (one of the events i never do ;_;)

I like mine.

Who doesn't :)

Need the helm from flame levi. What an annoying grind that was...
Absolution Recolour

I love the Absolution Recolour, in fact I currently have it on this character. I spent almost 3 months trying to get the chest to drop.

Also a fan of the Heroes' Regalia of Faith. It's from 10m Naxx and some pieces can be purchased using Justice Points so it makes it a very accessible cool set.
Durumu shoulders gotted. Horridon and friends continuing to be stingy !@#$s who won't drop mage look-alikes.
Lots of people use avatar, but i mixed in the T4 helm instead of the usual hood and I like how it looks. Also I think my cloak fits in super well right now

I really want avatar for when im Disc and T6 for when im shadow, I still need to put the pieces together but T6 i think is one of the best looking priest sets... right up there with Trancendance
BOOM! bits and pieces from all over
Thanks! I actually really like the way this looks, idk how I havent seen this set...definitely gonna try and get this :D
I went with the T5 as well. And the absolution recolor helm. Got most of my drops my first time soloing each 70 raid. I always loved the priest t5-6 back in BC when I didnt even have a priest.
I love this ICC 25H look, I don't think I've ever seen anyone on my server with it. Took me a month of runs to get the set and the meta drake. You can't see it on my pic but I have the Naxx halo as my headpiece, as I think the ICC one is ugly. Mogor's Anointing Club (an Aurastone Hammer lookalike) is what I have my mace mogged to.

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