Taking away Resilence

I still feel like anytime ret gets remotely good though that the nerfs aren't far behind. Sometimes it feels like blizzard gives us a buff to keep us interested in the spec, then nerfs and keeps us playing with the hopes that things might get better again.

I've always had the impression that blizzard doesn't really like paladin design and I know that sounds silly. As long as I've played paladin and as many times as I've seen "strong" specs get even stronger...ret always feels like its been left in the dust in the past when its shortcomings have been totally obvious.

Hybrid tax has always been the same lame excuse for keeping the spec in the shadows. Call me a skeptic when things get brighter.
05/24/2013 08:22 AMPosted by Criceto
Use 4p pve set, I was hitting people with 120k~ holy TVs without wings rolling

With the 65% baseline resil I highly doubt this.

My holy TVs hit for about 300k crit

120k sounds about right 65% less
With the 65% baseline resil I highly doubt this.

ok I lied
90k's + the HoL damage from it =120k's~

inb4 everything about my ui lmao
Well I tried subbing out most of my malev pieces for my raiding stuff, keeping my tyrannical pieces.....and it worked great.....thanks to a helpful post on 5.3 PvP in the general discussion forums.... So it's all just baseline now, (resilience).... I don't see it on the PvP gear anymore.

Also that post I made was after a really bad string of BGs where I was using my old set up, believing that the malev PvP gear with resilience was still good ...was just frustrated and confused, much of the info i was getting here was not very helpful...Doing fine now, thanks for setting me straight and putting me in my place...

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