Some questions for Spriest

I just re roll a spriest recently, so I have some questions since I just have some vague ideas about spriest.

+In shadowform, when I need to heal, which spell is primarily used?
+Can I use Fade to "fade away" when in Arena?
+When should I pop my cooldown? like Hymn of Hope, Shadowfiend, Dispersion, Mass Dispel?

I'll assume this is for pvp and I'll tell you right now I'm not the best shadow pvp'er.

If you have the glyph that lets you use PoM renew while in shadow form use them all the time. Atleast keep PoM on CD.

Fade does not make them lose you as a target but you can glyph it for damage reduction if you like but I do not for pvp.

Use hymn of hope when your healer needs it and figure out how much mana it gives back so you can use it as early as possible if you are doing twos.

Shadowfiend is a dps CD so use it when you have your trinket pop'd.

Dispersion when you are about to take a lot of damage, so if the other team pop CDs and your healer is CC'd and they have you targeted. Make sure you do not get locked out via an interrupt you will not be able to use it.

Use Mass dispel to remove all of their starting buffs and use MD for getting rid of bubble and iceblock if you have glyph.

Again I'm not a great shadow pvp'er but this is what I've learned.
Thanks for your tips Taedas!

Yes I mainly play pvp though Im not very good at it but just love killing people... and the pve contents (daily, heroic, challenges, raids...) are too much for a casual like me :)

Back to the topic, lets say if I see a pally pops his wings and trinket, should I prior mass dispel or dispel or Dispersion? My thought would be dispel, then save mass dispel for later pop and use dispersion when got cc? (like stuns/ silence)?
get glyph of dark binding to use renew/prayer of mending without shifting out. glyph of prayer of mending helps significantly for keeping yourself up.

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