I feel like I'm doing it wrong...

in the gear that I'm wearing currently, I just went up against Crush in the Brawler's Guild, and was only hitting 40k DPS. Is that right for the level of gear I have?

edit: I'm betting the lack of glyphs is hurting me...I completely forgot about those...
Well, I'm not judging... but your reforges are a bit funky and Brawlers guild are PVE events, so wearing your PVP gear will definitely cause a drop in DPS again PVE monsters and bosses. It also provides no survivability against their attacks, aside from the armor it grants you.

The lack of Glyphs *can* hurt, but unless you're a demo lock you're not gonna really miss too much DPS(Demo locks need Glyph of Imp Swarm).

I'd recommend hitting up the LFG/LFR/H Scenarios for some 483+ iLVL gear.

While 40k is a bit low, you have to take into account half your gear is still blue(even one green trinket) and its a mix-match of PVP and PVE. So, once you have a *FULL* set of PVE gear(ditch that green trinket too) and reforge your gear properly you'll notice a much more consistent and powerful DPS output.
Ah, since I posted this I've upgraded quite a bit and have gotten rid of most of the PvP gear. I'm barely reaching about 50k now last I remember (can't really get on to check because Comcast sucks at stable connections...)

As for my reforging I've been using askmrrobot, which says Crit is better than Haste and Mastery until higher gear levels with 2 RPPM trinkets. Is that true, or is it always Haste = Mastery > Crit now, with the new patch?
At your gear level and for Brawler's I would go with Mastery or crit. In ToT, crit is lowest priority because of all the cleave fights, but in Brawler's it's mostly single target. So I would go with a priority of Mastery=Crit>Haste and that should help you out. Go Mastery if you plan on doing GoSac and do Crit if you're doing GoSup.

Also another tip, I found GoSac to be more helpful in Brawler's because a lot of the bosses will eat your pets for breakfast. If you do run GoSup use a dps pet and turn threatening presence off as you want to be tanking most bosses.
well actually I'm trying to prepare for Kanrethad, I just happened to be in the Brawl'gar Arena at the time

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