<H> Core Team lfm; have a look!

We're NOT recruiting. Google the definition.1. To engage (persons) for military service.
2. To strengthen or raise (an armed force) by enlistment.

That said. We are looking for more members! Why choose us? Well yea we're new to this server but its creation was by 2 raiders who came here for a change of atmosphere.
We're a 'cash flow' guild; in that we give a percent of the gold given to the guild for completing challenges to the participants. We're a social guild and both the GM and i have no issues helping with gear, quests, etc. We aspire to be one of the best social / Raiding guilds around, but we can't do it with out you! There will be some pvp but that isn't our aim. If this sounds interesting and you want to give us a try; feel free to give any member a tell and ask to join.

We look forward to welcoming you to our home.

Edit: Not sure how i missed this... lack of sleep or something... but we are a 'Cash Flow' guild. Our members benefit from the completion of guild challenges. At this moment we reward the participants with 75% of the challenge gold. After getting enough gold in the bank we will up repair amounts and will up the reward amount to 90%. :)
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