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Sublime - Borean Tundra is recruiting for a caster dps/swing healer position in our core 10m team as our current player filling that position has had scheduling changes resulting in a need for a replacement. We are currently 4/13 heroic (Jin'rokh,Horridon,Ji-kun,qon) and would like to have an ele/resto shaman, balance/resto druid or possibly an Spriest. Knowledge of your class, specifically the dps spec is critical, we 2 heal most fights so being weak in healer spec is not a major concern.

What we provide: Food, flasks, pots, crafted and BMAH gear, A fun raiding environment (most of us have been playing together for years), play some games together outside of wow and are understanding of family issues as well as RL coming before wow.

What we expect: Preparedness, punctuality and the desire to do the best you can.

Raid times: Monday/Weds/Sunday 7pm-10pm CDT
Website: http://sublimebt.enjin.com/home
Logs: http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/179095/

Contact myself at DropTopGSX#1713 or wulf#1193 if you are interested.

Thanks, AWD.
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