Val'kyr lore question.

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So, I'm a little confused. Are the "Unborn Val'kyr" even lore following in a way? Of course you wouldn't have one as a pet, but beside that, weren't only 9 left after the Lich King died, and I believe 3-4 still alive now? Where do these Unborn Val'kyr come from, or are they not there lore-wise?
They're just a fun vanity pet.
I read somewhere that Northrend and Outland remain in the same timeline as they did in their original expansions. So, if you're in Northrend, everything you do is taking place before the fall of the Lich King.
That number only applies to the amount of greater valkyr that are still around. There are more lesser ones still about.

And these unborn valkyrs are probably even lesser than that.
Unborn Val'kyr are Val'kyr who haven't reaped a soul yet, if I recall correctly.
They're just a fun vanity pet.
05/25/2013 09:43 AMPosted by Penniella
They're just a fun vanity pet.
I generally consider most battle pets and vanity items to not exist lorewise/IC. But the "in the past" theory can work too.
I use pets sparingly. I'm a little wierded out when people have their pets out ICly. Even more when people are emoting that their pets are arguing with each other.

Zan will get his flux feline on request, but he's an engineer, so he's showing of a tinker not a ive animal.
I've portayed my battle pets as familars with my various warlock characters... basicly my demon pets polymorphed to look like harmless animals while in cities (where actual demons would be inappropriate for RP purposes). This is mostly the more harmless animals like cats, rats, birds and such... things that make sense to have as a pet/familar

As for the Unborn Val'kyr... haven't seen them yet (haven't been back to Northrend with older characters or gotten there with new ones).

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