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Well... Perhaps your anger stems from the fact that your mother died while doing the wrong thing. You may have thought at first, "No big deal." but once you realize that she had passed by breaking the law, it may have outraged you to think of it.

Honestly, this is no place for a post like this. It's not WoW related, and will most likely be deleted by an Admin in a few minutes, but if there's any way I could help, let me know.
Seriously Nogath. This is not the place for this, and it will probably be downvoted and or deleted. But let me say this, you are not alone. Dealing with the death of someone you were close to is not an easy thing.

You are dealing with issues of guilt and trauma. It is very important you know that this is a normal reaction. Also if you are in school, there is councilling available even at High School level. I strongly suggest you seek help.

It is all right to vent in here as far as I am concerned, but others might not agree. My prayers are with you and I hope you take my advice. It will take time for this to sink in and for you to actually find peace with it. But it will eventually. Best of luck to you and your family.

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