Slow Demons

Anyone else notice how slow your demon's are after 5.3? It can't even keep up with me anymore walking at normal speed, let alone when I have Burning Rush on. Even when you start attacking something it seems to take a good 10 seconds for it to even realize and waltz over, seemingly slower than it has been.

Please tell me I am not the only one that has noticed this...
Yes. Something happened in the patch. Mine has been really glitchy. In some cases he doesn't seem to want to walk over what otherwise looks like perfectly flat terrain. I noticed this especially in the new scenarios.
Report it as a bug?
Omg, it's not only in my head. In 5.3 my pets on a hunter and on a warlocks are really slow. I saw it lots of times when I was in Karazhan, Serpent Shrine and in Tempest Keep this week. Sometimes it was faster to re-summon the pet than waiting. Please fit it.
I have noticed this too on my lock. Seems like whenever I get into combat pet walk speed activates and doesn't revert (even mounted) until the pet manages to catch you. What this means is that I am constantly running back on my mount to collect my pet. Really annoying, and non pet classes don't have to deal with it. Even worse when my pet despawns. At least hunters can just instant recall. We have to try to cast a massive cast right at the start of many fights.

Blizzard, just make ground mounts work the same way as flying please. The pleasure I get from the aesthetic of having my pet run by my side DOES NOT outweigh the frustration from having to constantly resummon in BGs.
Yep, they're slow, and so so annoying in RBG's
Yeah. It seems to be coming out of combat and other transitions. They just don't come up to speed. I keep looking for a slowing debuff... but that's not it. And they don't path right. Tripping over floor segments that aren't there.

Edit: And yeah, they reset when they catch up to you.
If a pet despawns from out ranging you while mounted, it should respawn when you dismount. Such a !@#$ing hard concept, but they've still been despawning for years in RBGs.
Yeah I noticed this too :x I have to wait for big blue to tag something before I start up because he will be chasing whatever it is that is chasing me and then it turns into some Tom and Jerry scene with the dog chasing the cat chasing the mouse >_<
hunter pets are having trouble as well.
never been happier to have picked Grim of sacrifice :)
Anyone know if they have stated if its an official bug and/or some timeline for fixing it? it's damn annoying.
It is affecting the Demonology imps as well. They seem to get scattered all over the place in bgs sometimes.

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