Should I level my DK?

Death Knight
Title. My DK was my main back in wrath, and I kinda miss him. But I've heard and read that DKs are in a bad spot at higher gear levels, and my preferred specc (DW frost) is just kind of bad off right now.

So...What do you think? Speaketh unto my, my deadbros.
Play what you like and unless you play hardcore, it doesn't matter. I'm not a hardcore player and I'm doing just fine. If you are concerned with such things, UH is the #2 melee spec at the moment and pretty much everyone is behind casters. DW Frost is mainly for AoE encounters, so it suffers a bit against single target. Fortunately, there's a few cleave heavy encounters (Horridon, Tortos, Ji-kun) so DW will have its chance to shine.
What class/spec is strong in such and such fight varies. If we're going by current standings it's a few of the caster specs with the Lei Shen trinket that reign supreme. There are some melee w/ specific items that also push ahead. Another example of being elevated is Enhancement shaman once they get their legendary meta gem doing like 80% to double damage from the meta gem of other melee classes & hunters along with way too much of a crit rate to crazy numbers. Getting a ton more just from the gem than other classes. practically double damage of others and then some.

So would it be advantageous to be a enhancement at the moment? Yes. But at any point something could come to change things. Your own class warrior is another strong dps. Not in all fights sure but most and brings a buff.
*Shrug* I like my warrior, I always will, but his rotation just feels a little too boring. If you want to be competitive, you go fury, which the rotation can basically be described as "Wait until Cmash, blow everything, then twiddle thumbs."

And I know I'm not a super-mega-'roic raider (obviously) but I still like to be the best I can be, so I was looking for other options in classes I actually enjoy.
I don't know what the SMF rotation is but pretty sure SMF beats out TG. Arms even rears it's head some fights. But so does Monk and so on. DPS is ALL over the place.

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