Green fire questline

I've been farming for a while to get my hands on the tome to start the quest line so when I got it today I was quite happy and quickly went about doing the run around.
The story was interesting and the quests were quite simple up until BT. The maze inside the temple was a bit annoying but completely doable with my eye of kilrog and lots of ground markers. The first boss was quite simple as long as you don't stand in the fire you're good to go. The final boss however is a complete evil bastard. Ive spent 4hrs today bashing my head against him and the most I can claim is killing the first 3 felhunters only to bite it to his next chaos bolt.
I suppose bliz wants to make this difficult so its an achievement we can be proud of but I'm currently quite incensed with the game. I know I'm making progress, Im recognizing my mistakes and making adjustments. I've watched several videos and I've read some helpful stuff on the icy veins site. I've changed my talents up for the fight and i've spent god knows how much on repairs up to this point. I guess i'll keep at it but I just want to say that this is the worst !@#$%^- thing I've ever done in this game. Why does earning a minor cosmetic change to my toon have to be such a royal pain in the *!@?
I'm not a particularly good warlock. This toon has always been alt status until recently (getting tired of my priest). I just finished the green fire quest 2 hours ago after spending 8 hours today on probably 60 attempts. It was frustrating as hell at times, and I can tell you for the first 4 hours or so, I felt exactly the way you feel.

But then things slowly started to click.

  • I seem to be dying a lot to the fel puppies... OK, save my embers and my trinket procs for them. Trinket->chaos bolt two of them (using havoc)->chaos bolt the third->Rain of Fire->Shadowfury->burn. Had no problems after that.
  • I'm eating a lot of chaos bolts... OK, use the gateways a lot more to have Kanrethad target the Pit Lord instead. But when the odd chaos bolt sneaks through, be ready for it, either by LOSing it or popping Dark Bargain and Unending Resolve, then ember tap or use the Pit Lord's heal when the damage saved by DB started ticking. It was tough. This was the #1 thing that killed me, even when I was struggling with the fel hunters (since I'd be spending so much time on them, I'd miss the CB cast).
  • My first attempt making it through the two waves to nothing but imps, Kanrethad had way too much health and my Pit Lord was near death... OK, two changes: banish one of the Doom Lords rather than letting the Pit Lord tank him, and use the imps as Kanrethad chaos bolt fodder rather than burning them down.

It's a tough fight, absolutely. But you should have seen me jump out of my seat with excitement when I did get it.
It's all about determination. I downed the fight with a 478 ilevel. I won't say it was easy by any means, in fact I'm still not quite sure how I managed to pull it off, I got lucky with crits on felhunters and they melted and I was able to duplicate the damage on the second wave of them.

My thoughts on it are that it's not supposed to be a glyph type effect. It actually changes all of your fire spells, it's not like that red banish glyph. Also, it's optional. You don't need to do it, or get it right away. You've got plenty of time to get it, it's not going away anytime soon (to my knowledge).
Make sure you Soul Shatter right before the Felhunter phase. Using the Pit Lord's stun combined with Havoc'd Chaos Bolt will allow you to down to Felhunters immediately. Double Conflagrate + Shadowburn will kill the last due to the stun. If you do this method, make sure you keep Rain of Fire on Kanrethad's gateway so the Felhunters target you first, and to have the Pit Lord charge at the end of your Chaos Bolt cast. All 3 Felhunters need to be out of the gateway as well before you stun.

As for random Chaos Bolts from Kanrethad-- they don't happen if you use your Gateways on cooldown. With the exception of the Felhunter phase, you should always have the Gateway debuff. I also found it useful to refresh your Enslave Demon right after the Felhunter phase.
To me it's not just about a cosmetic change. I really pushed the limits of my gameplay by doing this questline and I feel, personally, that I improved playing my class 10fold after finally beating Kanrethad in low gear. I felt terrible at times, and wanted to give up, but I just kept on going and working until I finally got him...

...And it felt -so- good. It wasn't just about the green fire. It was about knowing I could do something that I personally felt was challenging, especially with my low gear. It was about learning new tips and tricks that I've carried on from that fight to other elements of my gameplay.

The green fire quest isn't just about the green fire. It's about learning ins and outs of your class and pulling out all the stops.

I found it incredibly fulfilling when I finished it, and I hope there is something of equal difficulty for my other classes in the future.
it's important that you soulshatter while kanresthad is casting the felhunters, so that he'll go straight to the pitlord and not cast chaosbolts at you while you finish off the pups.
I just want to say that this is the worst !@#$%^- thing I've ever done in this game

I find it interesting that people feel this way, while others (myself included) found it to be some of the most fun in WoW i've had in a long time.
I was very difficult for me as well. 100 wipes prolly, easy 2k gold in repairs, not counting the money I spent on flasks and pots.
....But never once did I think " F'N BLIZZ THIS SUCKS WTF"
I was happy when I got him a little further each try, and could hardly wait to attempt it again after I wiped.
Different generations I suppose.

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