Sacrifice and Affliction Discussion

Hello fellow Warlock brother and sisters! I would like to discuss (and be informed) a bit about a few things, specifically Grimoire of Sacrifice and Affliction Warlocks!

First of all, Grimoire of Sacrifice.
It seems to me Grimoire of Supremacy is highly used over Grimiore of Sacrifice!

It seems to me that locks either run in arena's the Succubus or in this case Shivarra for the CC. I would assume in battlegrounds the fel pet/observer is taken. So, as necessary Supremacy is taken over Sacrifice.

Now, in the case alone when you don't need the succubus CC, wouldn't it be better to have grimoire of sacrifice?
You can instantly cast Singe Magic or Spell Lock when ever you desire, and in the case of spell lock on another target to get the instant silence when your observer/fel isn't there to lock on him. (unless they made the move a ranged cast for the fel pet).
Sacrifice also improves the locks single target abilities (depending on spec)
Shadowburn, Conflagrate and Chaos bolt(dealt over 3 sec) as well as incinerate are increased. That seems like a huge damage increase, especially for conflag and shadow being instant. Obviously, it will increase burst.
I'm only level 79 and don't know exact lock numbers but this would seem like a really good choice.

Now, burst has been somewhat nerfed through recent patch changes. Like I said, I don't know numbers. I don't know afflictions current state besides being weak according to the forums. But, with kiting and running a soul leech set up(possibly..) it seems like affliction with Grimoire of Sacrifice having 30% increase of damage on spells such as Haunt and Malefic Grasp (and when haunt is on a target 30% extra increased) would be some seriously good sustained damage.

I would like some insight on what everyone thinks. Regardless I can't wait to hit 90 and try everything out for a while.
Also, noxxic says to get Mannorath's Fury. I know for Destro it is important for RoF to obtain Burning Embers. But is getting an area increase even worth it? Maybe if you incinerate and conflag then RoF inbetween you and the target overall they will take more damage because of the distance having to travel through it.

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