Your Monk Transmog? 5.3

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Alright guys I know I've done these before but it's always great to see new ones. I have been posting transmog threads like this and getting lots of replies. You can view my other transmog posts here

Alright guys we'll start with mine!

☆Post your transmog bellow

☆Feel free to rate transmogs above you

☆Have fun
"Big Red Machine", checking in!

And 9/10 to the OP; Tough to make UD look *that* badass. :)
Ehh, not my favourite challenge mode set. But looks nice for a Brewmaster :D 9/10. (Because your weapon matches it so well. As well as your hair xD)
I am here and obey!
Gnome style.
Obligatory male draenei.
Obligatory male draenei.

not my style but overall looks nice i guess.

edit: ugh those hooves look so damn big LOL
9/10.. i'd totally rock it, but i don't like the staff, xmog it :)
Even though it looks cool, too much rogue for me. 9/10
Idk why, but I really like the heroic druid set from Firelands, I need to start farming that !@#$

Also, I wish it were possible to get the rogue t8 25 man set as a monk I like the red, and I'm so sick of the black off set version of that gear (mainly because 9/10) monks I see have it.

Anyways I like my xmog but I just wish there were boots and a belt to match it that aren't rogue only tier

Edit: I like OP's xmog alot, except the weapons, I think its just ToC weps that are ugly in general.
i rly like ur swords
^ You look like a Ronin. I love it.
I love the color green!
Yeah green is a great color.How do i look?
You look great, but how do you feel?
I like this set but I have so far refused to do what every other person that has this xmog does and mog Hailstorm as the weapon....

I think its a cool set, I also have the entire Nocturnal Gaze set, but got a lil bored of it after a while.
@Vers: Cool ninja! Reminds me of a member of the Foot Clan.

Check out 'ma Fistweavin Troll with Sticks! (my guild knows them as the dual wield whale weenies).
@Whack, simple but decent, like the head also 7/10

** Ignore my fan

** Ignore my fan's so pretty! But don't worry could put that thing in the hands of a great white shark and it would have the same feminizing effect.

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