Your Monk Transmog? 5.3

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very nice matching but i hate the helm and the weapons

5/10 for that
im sexy and i know it

i call it the panda pimp
im sexy and i know it

i call it the panda pimp

6/10 - Get rid of the shirt and get yourself a pimp cane Staff of Horrors.

I know you're probably going minimalist with the shoulders, but they stick out like a sore thumb. Maybe something like Dark Warder's Pauldrons

Then finish it off with some pimp shoes Replica Wildheart Boots or you can also do the cheap knockoffs Headhunter's Slippers IMHO

I'm clothed in the skin of the Sha I have vanquished, and I wield the fangs of Yu'lon herself. Ok, not really, but that is the concept and theme behind my transmog.
that's a beautiful set, get the belt

you can buy it with JP from the armor vendors in dalaran

9/10 for now

10/10 when you get your belt
I have the belt, don't really like it. I like having the newer belt models with actual depth to them instead of just flatness. Plus I like the idea of monks wearing their unique belts. But of course it is bugged in armory and it only shows the flat texture and not the clover sigil and knot. It looks like this in game:

Are you going for a savage nature themed look with your set? Have you ever considered something like Stormstrike Mace for your weapons? Two chunks of wood!
Kain looking awesome. Very nice set. Possibly best I have seen imho. I would need a human beard to pull it off though :(

I know boring boring...hailstorm and assassination set but I still like it.
my simple green tmog
No transmog, just tier.

Our set is nice.
No transmog, just tier.

Our set is nice.

I like our tier as well. I'm still just a "Druid".
Nice mog Vi. I got tired of the Shado Pan look and went pirate instead.

Not too bad Pirate Monk 6/10, not my style though.

I think the Armory has updated my set. Going for the northern look. May try the eyepatch look after.
5/10. Looks more like a northern hunter set.
5/10. Looks more like a northern hunter set.

8/10- you at least match. I just don't like the set itself.
cape looks weird

helm is different color than rest of gear

Mixing and matching colors, the chest is more orangy in game than in the armory so it matches the cape and parts of the boots. The shoulders go perfect with the Council Axes, too bad I replaced them just recently.

6/10 for the guy above, feels dark which goes with forsaken but all over the place
eh, red, why not.
Reppin' that fem dwarf.
Ohh i like that set but your a fem dwarf and they look weird so 9/10 :P
im sexy and i know it

i call it the panda pimp

you called?

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