Relapsed (10m) recruiting for ToT

Relapsed is recruiting for quality players to join our 10 man raiding team. We are a newer guild with experienced raiders just getting a late start on the raid. Our raid nights are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights from 6pm server to 9pm server. We provide food, flasks, and guild repairs for all core raiders. Must have or must be willing to use mumble for raids. Please have DBM as well. We are a laid back guild but focused on progression and teamwork. Maturity is a must; however this is an adult guild with mostly adult members so jokes and language will happen. We are also accepting both social and new players and PvP centered players and would like to possibly form an RBG team. Contact myself via in game mail, message or by battletag at Kaleey#1818

We are looking for: one tank, three heals, and some dps
Currently recruiting:
Holy Paladin
Disc Priest
Blood DK
Resto Druid
Mistweaver Monk

You can also contact me if you have any questions or interest:

Killing bosses. Could use a hand or eight.
Would like to add that we raid:

Tues Wed Thurs

6pm-9pm ST

Send me an in-game mail or add me on Battletag if you'd like to know more :)

Could use a disc priest and a resto druid, rogue as well!

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