[H] Children of the Damned 13/14 - Recruiting

Children of the Damned is a Level 25 Raiding and Casual Guild.

CotD was based on Cenarius, and had been since March 2005, however as the server Horde side died we recently transferred to Hyjal, and now call this place home. We are looking for individuals to join our guild that would suit our playstyle and ethics, and help get our Raids back to a regular schedule.

The last few expansions have seen raids within the Guild progress through ALL normal content and a significant amount of heroic content while maintaining our casual, mature and friendly approach towards raiding. All guild members, both casual and raiders, are considered friends and family, and will stop at nothing to achieve our goals, which is primarily to enjoy the game...and maybe snatch the odd Realm First Guild Achievement now and again.

Currently we are seeking mature aged and friendly gamers with a good sense of humour and without the attitude to add more depth to both our guild and raiding groups.

Current Raiding Schedule/Recruitment:

Stripes Run (11/14) - Tuesday 6-9pm; Thursday 6-9pm PST - Generally this Raid is full, but will consider suitable applications to increase player pool for rotations

Taupe Run (13/14) - Wednesday 12:30-3:30am PST (7:30 AEST for Oceania players), Monday 12:30-3:30am (7:30am AEST) - Looking for new Raiders

Open Flex Run held on Friday and Saturday 6pm-9pm Server depending on numbers

Our doors are always open to suitable casual gamers and raiders alike, so please do not hesitate in contacting us if you think, after reading our guidelines, that CotD is the place for you.

For more information on both our Guild and our Recruitment policy please visit our website @ http://www.taupe.org.au, or contact any of the officers listed below in-game.

GM: Fatcat (Fatcat#1915)
Officers: Habs (Aims#1947); Jaffle (jaf#6314); Wyld (Bob#12861)
Raid Leads: Vuuz; Beef
Fatcat... holy crap I haven't seen that name in years. I raided in Ni Hao on Cenarius years ago, some of it cooperative with you guys. It's great to see you alive and kicking.

Cenarius is indeed dead horde side, the little bit we had years ago is gone. I wish you and your guys the best of luck.
Wow. Didn't realize you guys came over too.

Rhaejin/Wutu here, Ni Hao was my guild yeah. That was like 10,000 years ago.
Wow. Didn't realize you guys came over too.


Rawr! Hi Bad, Raf, and Wutu..thanks for support.

Note quite yet..but seriously considering it. Just gotta cater for all my children from across the globe, so finding the right place is difficult! Hopefully Hyjal is the answer.

And Bump for updates :D
They still exist... well that sucks you guys had to transfer.
It does Arcanemen. It does.
Nice to have more people from cenarius here. It's much much better.
Now would be the time with the 50% off character services :D
Bump with updates.

Yes it is Linthila...we didnt know it was coming, I promise ;) Fatlove incoming!
I don't know the exact reason why but I'm a bit saddened how Blizzard is approaching realms that might have fine overall populations but with significant population imbalances.

CRZ wasn't/isn't the answer.

While this 50% off is a nice benefit (sheesh, would have LOVED it a few months ago). I can't imagine this does anything but make the issue even worse.

Want to get off your low-pop dying faction's server? Here's 50% off.

Bleh. Just probably more saddened because I was a day-of-release guy on Cenarius.
Ayep. We stuck it out for too long. Longer they leave it, harder it will be to fix.

On that note, bumpage, we iz here, with a new and improved D. Strangely guild name was on a no fly list. Rawr.
morning bump
Bump - updates
Mr.Fat I will be in touch with you soon.

Thank you

Sounds good. During the week due to work, Wyld, Habs and Jaffle are the best contacts. But hit me up if online.

Your story seems pretty compatible with ours: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/9309441920

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