Blizzard might have just "crossed that line"

The latest financial reports has WoW losing 1.3 million subscriptions down to 8.3 million total. It has been known for some time that PvP was more popular than PVE, i.e. more people were in WoW to pvp. With the new changes I've been reading the forums and it seems that people are not happy with the latest 5.3 patch changes to PvP and are cancelling subs in mass.

I've been around gaming communities for a very long time and always felt that the only true WoW killer would be an internal job, meaning self inflicted wounds would do them in. They might have just done that this time.

I'm here essentially until the lights go out, but I'm wondering how you all feel. People seem pretty upset out there over the changes.

People are upset all the time about things, especially about PvP which to be completely fair, is often highly focused on epeen flaunting and one-upsmanship with or without the use of gear advantages or exploits to give people a false sense of being pro. Cross realm ganking and circumvention of premade restrictions come to mind as being especially popular right now.

Big servers are growing bigger because they were already big, not necessarily because they were PvP servers. With that said, the numbers may be leaning more towards PvP, who knows? I've never got an in game survey asking what I want to do. Ghostcrawler has recently stated that he thinks people overestimate the number of gamers interested in PvE raiding. While this may or may not be assumption based on current activity, perhaps people would be more interested in PvE if Blizzard put less effort into wrecking the PvE game and catering to casuals, many of whom are PvP gamers.

Lots of people left when cata was released. Lots of people left when Diablo was released. I came in during cata as a new PvE gamer, so I can't really speak to the reasons why people left the game before, but it is my understanding this isn't the first exodus. I was here when MoP was released. The crazy rep grinds, dailies, higher bar for raid content, drastic class changes, etc. must have driven many remaining casual PvE gamers away from the content or the game altogether. I'm sure there are old timers that had it tougher, but that doesn't make this less true.

Many of these people to leave were important members of raid teams that had to rebuild. Lower pop servers (especially those with faction imbalance like this one), probably killed the game for a lot of dungeon crawlers who either can't or don't want to pay exorbitant amounts of money for server transfers. PvP meanwhile keeps being made more accessible without these kinds of downsides. More effort is obviously being put into supporting casuals. LFRs, random battleground content, scenarios... In case anyone was still serious about doing PvE content outside of raids, they aren't releasing new 5 mans now...

I'm not going to speculate on why all these people (a majority of which they claim to be asian) just left the game, but I don't think you really have to look far for possible reasons. I like PvE in WoW, although it has been a challenge coming up as a new horde player on this server. I know there are other games if this one eventually fails to meet my expectations as a PvE gamer, so I'm not losing sleep over it.
As someone thats done both PVE and PVP content since vanilla and had a total of 3 accounts(the first one got hacked and never bothered to get back during classic) and the other i just dont resub with, my main DK(Valafaria) on Baelgun has been into all the content that Mists has offered and 5.0-5.2 i truly enjoyed raiding AND pvp. I see it as Blizzard wanted to level the field a bit and allow PVE players a chance to join in PVP to see if it was their cup of tea with the baseline Resil. But them changing the Elite PVP gear(which my DK cant even buy yet though she has the achiv) is just unfair. Why should my Conquest gear be the SAME ilevel as my Elite pvp gear? They should do the same thing to PVE gear, put Heroic raid gear to the same ilevel as normal raid gear and see what happens then. Because due to these changes a Raid geared tank can FC and have a better chance of living than a pvp geared tank FC, yes the pvpers have the experience and skill that maybe some new pve players might lack jumping into pvp, but they should have to earn their gear the same way as we all had to, get you're !@# kicked learn from it and get better otherwise stick to what you're willing to get better at. As far as leaving WoW, im personally giving it to the end of this last month of my sub, if things havent improved I wont be coming back, blizz is killing pvp and its been the only reason i kept coming back(though ive raided too) so thanks blizzard, fine job.
Yes, because it has nothing to do with it being an over 8 year old aging game that has normal subscriber loss over such a time....
WoW is in a state of steady decline, but it's still a quality product. Many people are just burned out after playing for so long, especially with all the changes. I think MOP has been really good though, definitely better than Cataclysm(quit the game during this exp).
I I will say this- Blizzard broke PvP as far as random bgs and what not by not introducing this 65% resil change gradually. I will explain:
Everyone gets 65%- Great. Everyone can que and not get 1 shotted- Wonderful.
BUT Everyone can also que and not even take the time to read the bg description to get the basic strat of it down, and just stand around fighting eachother without even trying to learn or win. PvP is NOT just a "skill-less, facerolling, buttonmashing, easy" thing to PLAY WELL. (Which is what I have had many non- PvP ppl tell myself and other PvPers) Basically my point it- I spend HOURS watching videos, learning where not to stand, learning when to kick, etc., just to be able to raid. AND i have to have an ilvl to do any of the PvE content.
Now ppl can just come into PvP with no gear, not have to learn anything, and ruin random bgs for everyone. If Blizz would have implemented some sort of an "Ilvl" or scenarios for ppl to practice maybe it would have helped. Instead we have a bunch of retards that say "Idc, im not here to win, Im here to farm honor and be top DPS" >.>

And after earning all of my CP to get my Tyran set its ridiculous that it was not only scaled down, all the time and money into gemming and regemming gear... Just to have ppl with none come in and pwn in mid. How this made any sense to Blizz is just beyond my comprehension.. Im sure their intentions were good, but they HAD to know that this was coming... That ppl would not use it as they intended.

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