Priest Vanish

So I thought this was a cool little trick I discovered (Not sure if it's common knowledge or not).

Noxxic, Icy Veins, and most other class sites will tell you not to take Spectral Guise for PvE content. Obviously it looks like a PvP talent. Well, if you combine Fade with Spectral Guise you get the equivalent of a 30 second Vanish.

When things turn south you Pop Fade, any speed buff you chose (ie. Body and Soul / Angelic Feather), run away from the mobs and hit Spectral Guise. Instant Vanish. Mobs reset and puts you out of combat.

While it doesn't sound that glamorous, I've found it so useful for dailies, Heroics, or anything attacking me in general. Could be the difference between a TPWO or a quicker Mass Rez :D
So true but I don't even need to use fade it just resets mobs instantly
But you want to make sure you're the last one left standing during a wipe. In a 10 man, fade out when things go south, the boss should pick off everybody by the time it wears off. Then you SG out and survive the horrors of a bad tank.
i loooove it for dailies. Void Tendrils> Spectral Guise > Mount up and win. lol
Its been bugged since i believe 5.2 and yes it quite amazing for dailies when you pull a but too much or you just trying to run some where and accidently pull a mob because blizz thought it would be cool to have mobs every 5 ft on the island lol
It's especially nice in areas like Dread Wastes where there are mobs absolutely everywhere and it's damn near impossible to run until you are out of combat.
Been doing this trick since I got the talent. :D

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