Moar haste?

Ok, I understand and accept that haste is always our best option this tier, but I've noticed that when I have blood lust, LMG, and PI going at once, there's like a full 1 second delay from when I press the button for mind flay, and when I actually start casting mind flay. So since haste is multiplicative, is stacking haste what is causing this intense lag during large haste buff situations? Would having less haste make the lag more manageable?

Thanks in advance!

Always Haste

Kick your ISP in the privates and make them up that shizz.
Spam your keys so you do not get latency affecting your dps get a cast bar for mind flay (gnosis addon) to show latency before each tick on your cast bar so you know when to start hitting MF. Also remember there is a cap for haste with respect to the GCD of 1 second so if you're under that (which I don't think is likely with MF but easy for 1.5 second casts) you will have short periods of time where you can't do anything but nothing on the order of one second.

If you really are having big problems don't use PI, IMO.

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