Please HELP! (macro)

So, I was wondering if anyone could help me with this macro I'm trying to make for 3's. I want to make a modifier macro that will cast Hand of Sacrifice on a party member (1 & 2). Party1 having no modifier, while party2 had a ctrl modifier. Here's what I have so far:

/cast [nomod, target=party1] Hand of Sacrifice
/cast [mod:ctrl, target=party2] Hand of Sacrifice

At first I was thinking that the reason it wasn't working was because of the keybind I have it assigned to is alt z -- alt being a modifier key itself, I thought that might have been affecting it. Therefore I moved the macro, but it still neglected to work. Although, even if that wasn't the problem, I would still like to keep the same keybind.

Can anyone offer some help?
#show Hand of Sacrifice
/cast [mod:ctrl, exists, @party2] [@party1, exists] Hand of Sacrifice

You may also consider something like this:

#show Hand of Sacrifice
/cast [mod:ctrl, exists, @party2] [mod:shift, exists, @party1] [ ] Hand of Sacrifice

This would cast on P2 with CTRL, P1 with Shift, and cast normally ie: on yourself or your current target.
So if I were to assign either of those macros to my alt z key they would still work?
Yes. Insure that Alt is not your self cast/focus cast key and that alt z isn't bound to anything else. Also consider some keyboards can only take so many inputs so alt+shift+hot key doesn't work on all keyboards...(cheap keyboards)
Thank you so much! :)

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