[A] IK - Recruiting Tank or Heal - 14/14

Invincible Knights is a medium core progression oriented guild with a more casual raid schedule. We raid three nights a week for three hours each night.

Our raiding times are Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from 7:30pm to 11:30pm server time. Raid invites go out at 7:20pm.

We have an immediate for a healer and/or tank. We strongly prefer a shaman, monk or warrior but will consider good players in other specs.

IK is made up of a small group of close knit people. Although that statement is made so often in recruiting propaganda that it has basically become cliché, I feel that it is a fair statement in our case. Several individuals in our group have been raiding together for years and through multiple expansions.

The majority of our members are also an older and more mature crowd. Most of our members have professional occupations. Due to the nature of our families and careers, we cannot raid several days a week. Although we are raiding significantly less than many other guilds, we are still progression oriented. Therefore, we expect to get a lot done in the 9 hours a week we do raid.

IK was founded in 2007 on Nazgrel and raided continuously from BC through Cata.

IK took a little bit of a hiatus from raiding this expansion due in a large part to the dwindling population on Nazgrel, the server we previously called home. IK moved to Sargeras on May 17th for the purpose of joining the raiding community and building a solid raiding team.

We are looking for serious minded players who know their class inside out, and who are willing to put in the time it takes to be a progression raider. We expect our raiders to show up on time prepared for the fights with flasks, potions, and their addons updated. Please don't bother applying unless you can make our raids on time.

Equally important to talent is personality. We pride ourselves on having a friendly atmosphere. We expect our raiders to have a positive attitude and to always strive to play the very best they can. We treat everyone with decency and respect. We do not believe that raging at or insulting players is an effective way to make anyone play better and such behavior is not tolerated. However, we WILL point out errors and critique performance. Therefore, all raiders must be able to handle constructive criticism and not get bent out of shape for repeatedly wiping on a boss during progression. While we will not yell at or insult a raider for making a mistake, raiders who make repetitive mistakes, offer lackluster performance, or are generally not fun to be around will be replaced quickly.

We are all adults in our group. Older teenagers will be considered on a case by case basis. We do understand that some minors are very mature for their age and are great players. However, children living with their parents do not have control over their environment and we don’t want to deal with issues such as parental locks, parents not paying for the account, parents making their kids do homework, etc.

Finally, our reputation is important to us and the actions of our members reflect on our guild as a whole. All guild members are expected to treat everyone with courtesy and respect in and out of the guild. We are not interested in anyone who enjoys griefing, uses exploits, bots, ninja loots, etc. While we enjoy joking with each other and cutting up, we have a diverse guild membership and racist or otherwise hateful comments are not tolerated on any level.

If you think our goals and culture are a match and you are interested in ebing considered, we would love to hear from you. Please contact Granimal (granimal#1598), or Zannis (zannis#1700) in game.
We are still recruiting!

Especially healers.
We are especially interested in adding a disc/shadow priest and a prot warrior to the group.
Still need a disc priest.
Still recruiting a healer.
why are u called invincible i can clearly see u ...
why are u called invincible i can clearly see u ...

Damn. The invincible potion must have worn off...
Still recruiting.
Looking for dps and healer.
Invincible Knights are still recruiting!
Invincible Knights are still actively recruiting for our raid team for the 5.4 patch!
Looking for a healer and tank going into 5.4.
Have had some interest from prospective healers but are still looking. We will work the right person in tonight.
Actively recruiting a heals or tank.
Still recruiting!
Still looking for the right person.

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