Kor'kron shipments not showing up on the map

Bug Report
I have heard from other players on my realm that say the over turned shipments are supposed to show up on the map, just like the commanders do, but they only appear sometimes (despite the spamming of zonewide tells that say otherwise).

I have not read anything saying this is a known issue. I have tried combinations of logging, reloading ui, and disabling all addons to try and make the overturned shipments appear on my map after seeing tells. On rare occasion they show up on the map, but most of the time they do not. I'm wondering if this is a UI bug, or maybe the zone wide tell is bugged, and unintentionally spamming that shipments have been overturned when maybe they aren't supposed to happen that frequently.

I'm hoping someone can shed some light on this issue. Thank you.
I have this problem as well, but I think it might be a different bug than them not showing on the map.

I think that maybe the notices of them being overturned are not being cleared out of the system. I've flown around to all the points that have been listed where overturns happen and have not found any, even though they keep broadcasting.

Also, I have seen SOME show up on my screen, although they've all been Stone, so I don't know if that's a coincidence or if the rest are bugged.

Either way, I am also having the same issue.
Seriously this thread gets posted a week ago and still nothing Blizz? This is prolly your most active gaming zone right now and you haven't even justified a response? My DBM is blaring every time that message happens. Fix this already. I know it is cause multi realm alerts are alerting everyone even if they aren't happening in your realm.
omg, yes. this is annoying. i thought i was bugged because it never showed on my map but just a few times. but after realising its broadcasting cross realms its just annoying to check my map every minute to make sure its not my realm and if i miss one then by the time i see it on the map and get there its already been ravaged to almost nothing. This is mostly irritating because 150 of each resource is very tedious and time consuming. It's boring, and you're constantly fighting over stuff with not only your own faction and realm but everyone else too!

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