Gear repair is way to expensive

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Even though it is not a real problem I have a real solution.

Time needed: 30 minutes
Gear needed: 430+
Gold earned: 300+

1) Go to IoT
2) Kill a rare and collect treasure room key
3) If rare did not drop key... kill another one.
4) Do treasure run

I got 900 gold on an alt yesterday for a 5 min treasure run.

If you do not have enough money to repair then you are doing something wrong and can easily fix it.
100g is chump change. I make 1500g a week. Cry some more.
They need to take repairs out of the game completely.
05/28/2013 04:02 AMPosted by Banquiero
I find that the repair for my gear to be extremely expensive. I dont know why we have it spend 100+ gold just to fix a few pieces. and also, it says on the loading screens that your gear doesnt lose its durability to other players, but yet im spending close to 300 gold a week on just repairs. I know that isnt alot of money, but it adds up and i find it ridiculous. Thoughts?

When you die in PvE your gear takes an 8% durability loss, when you die in PvP you gear does not take that 8% durability loss. However in both PvP and PvE all gear takes damage (i.e. wear and tear) from use. Repair cost is based on the value of the gear you're wearing, ilvl 458 gear costs less to repair than ilvl 522 gear.

Though dying to fall damage in PvP like the cliffs in AB, or getting knocked off the map in EotS count as PvE damage.

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