New unholy pvp macro help and advice

Death Knight
So as title says, I've been playing frost dk pvp both arena and rbgs..
Was playing desto/FDK/disc, now that affliction lock is back I'm converting to unholy so we can play shadow cleave.
Looking at setting up an 'oh crap' macro.
On my FDK I had death pact macro'd with health stone

Would this macro work for unholy?

/cast blood presence
/use health stone
/cast !Conversion

Would it/does it work or is there a better macro?
Stun vs a purging slow

Also with shadowcleave, am I better off running with chillblains over asphyxiate for more uptime?
Why are you hiding?
Because my names get reported everytime I post in forums for inappropriate connotations..
Nobody wants to say anything cuz ur hiding
and you must be a douche if you get no.
I can't help it if people don't have a sense of humor..
Last time I posted my guild name got reported 'My PvPnis Burns'
Time before that my name got reported ,Crabbyvahj and Sandyvahj before that.
I can tell you right now that I'm not 'hiding' nor do I troll or antagonize people.
I'm just sick of having to re-do half my macro's because someone can't take a joke.
But hay, I did not no it was a crime to ask for help on an unholy dk on the dk forums so cheers:
/castsequence Blood Presence, Conversion
/use Health Stone

try this one
Cheers I'll give it a shot, tried the 1 I typed earlier and works but doesn't work hah, requires me to press it twice..

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