[A] Infinite Shadows Is Recruiting DPS/heal

Like half the server, Infinite Shadows is recruiting! :) Here's some information for you if you're interested.

Guild: Infinite Shadows
Server: Dalaran-US
Faction: Alliance
Raid: 10-man casual
Raid times: Wednesday and Saturday, 6:30pm until 9:00pm.
Current progress: MSV (complete), HoF (4/6 (on Amber-shaper)).

Introduction: We lost DPS due to time constraints and haven't been able to progress past HoF due to lack of people to even form a raid group. We'd like to finish Heart of Fear, jump into Terrace of Endless Springs, and then hit up Throne of Thunder as quickly as possible.

About the guild: We're a friendly group of adults who casually raid twice a week. We don't tolerate hurtful language (and this includes anything from homophobic slurs to racial slurs or saying that you're going to "*%!#%@%@" a boss). We're not a big guild, but we hope that having friendly, nice players makes up for that. Raid vent is always fun to be in. :)

What we're looking for: We're looking for friendly, respectful individuals who can make it to raid on time and ready on a consistent basis.

We're currently looking for DPS but we're not opposed to picking up a healer, if that's your thing, as one (or more) of our healers are willing to switch to DPS if that means we get spots filled.

What we expect: We don't expect a lot, but we do want you to show up with flasks (or the mats for flasks, as we have alchemists who can make them for you), and we want you to be doing LFR and/or dailies to help you gear up. We also expect you to be willing to look up your spec online for rotations, that you're reforged properly, et cetera.

Required add-ons: Deadly Boss Mods or equivalent is the only mod that's absolutely essential for us. If you're a class that can interrupt, make sure you have target/focus cast bars turned on so that you can see them and interrupt accordingly. You must log into Ventrilo to listen even if you can't talk (due to not having a microphone, you're too shy, et cetera).

Other things: We're hoping to get people with 476iLevel gear or better, but if you're interested in joining us and your gear level isn't that high, we'll be willing to help you gear as best we can.

If you're not from Dalaran, but would consider a server transfer, we can add you via Battletags and invite you to do MSV or HoF with us so that you can try us out and see how you like us before you decide to invest real money into the cost of a server transfer to join us.

Contact information: In-game you can contact: Apridie, Raeyah, Nephee, or Candlelight/Carrousel/Morgan for more information. Feel free to add me to battletags since I'm online quite often (Hooves#1635).

Any of us will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Thanks for reading. :)

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