S C 10 man looking for more for 25s

S C is a new guild on Sargeras. We are looking to fill out our roster. Presently we are a 10 man guild, with a high probability of moving to 25. We are presently 11/12 with our current roster. Our raid times are
Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday 10 pm - 1 am CST.

We are looking for:

Shield tank or DK tank
Restoration Shaman

We also are also looking to start alt and/or pug runs on the weekends as well.

Skilled players may still feel free to apply.

We can be reached at Kaylvann or Shamze, or by battle tag at abrac#1925 or kryztmptng#1641
Welcome to Sargeras! Nice guild name, by the way. I like it as much as <Casually Serious>
Do you guys even know how retarded doing "/who s c" is?
still looking to feel these spots immediately , any interested get with myself or any of the officers / members in game
Blood dk and lock lf raid group, both of us are floating around 490 atm.
Transferring tomorrow

I'll get in touch with one of you tonight.

I would be interested in joining. I recently just came back to the game though and so I am gearing up my 90 resto shaman right now if that's cool. I have a ton of raid experience so no problems there just need to get the gear.
loud get with an officer in game or go to scsargeras.enjin.com and drop an app in we will be in touch :)
updated to guild current needs, looking to fill tanking spot and either a full time lock / mage asap . contact an officer in game for more information.

kaylvann: abrac#1925
shamze: kryztmptng#164
updated recruitment needs ! any 10 mans interested in going to 25 get with an officer !
searching for a few people for our second 10 man group ! good job so far guys heroics will be in the future shortly !

those of you reading and just interested in pvp get with officers looking for all types / players to work as a team
actively recruiting more for our second 10 man with intent to go back to 25s in the near future! tired of running half groups and having to pug ? get with an officer in game and lets see what we can work out !
Actively recruiting pvpers as well !
still looking for that mistweaver any takers !? :D willing to train !
gratz sc on first guild le shen kill ! 12/12 heroics here we come!

still looking for a full time mistweaver monk / few dps to fill out ranks as we progress to 25 ! get with any officers in guild
Is SC recruiting in general or only for core openings? I am currently looking for a steady/balanced raiding guild, I'm in it for the long run.
always recruiting anyone willing to be part of a fun filled guild :)

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