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Neat blood knight look 9/10
Mehh kind bland looking... sorry


Slutty pally what up
8/10 don't see that set often but could use a helm and different boots.
9 / 10

Banana set not my favorite =/
@madawk 5/10 far to common like the fifth i've seen today
Helm doesn't quite match. What were you going for with this transmog. To look like the croc villain from Spider Man?

was trying to go for a set that wasn't tier or commonly used and also green since i didn't have a green transmog yet. The helm actually goes quite well but i could see from armory where you may draw that conclusion. I have the felsteel warhelm and the one that would go to the set you have but both don't have quite the effect this one has on people ^-^ croc is from batman lizard is from spiderman and i rated yours on the last page and nothing has changed so whoever is rating next skip me and rate sariphym.
since the croc guy was already covered i will skip to Sariphym
nice pick of the set. i see alot of pallies going for the heroic version. the weapon ties in nicely


only possible thing i could think of is a better helm. i like yours...just would be open to something maybe being better
Interesting newdawn. I'm not sure if the shoulders go with that outfit, but the Molten Core 2h sword always looks good.

I have T10 too. It's hard to find a shield which matches though. This deathwing shield actually kind of matches the shoulders.
8/10 looks nice. I think the Elementium Stormshield which is crafted by blacksmiths or Akmin-Kurai, Dominion's Shield, Which is from nefarian in Blackwings Decent could look good with that set.

Thanks to blizzards armory stance you can't really see my gear :S
Can't argue about Cataclysmic set. 9.5/10
8/10 plus bonus for being BE...BE chicks are smexy

Need to mog the sword though, maybe

http://www.wowhead.com/item=30902 ?
8/10 set matches nicely with the sword, don't like the common Bulwark of Azzinoth though.
@khenick 9/10 nice mog love the goggles lol.

I made this mog after reading the ashbringer comic. modeled it as a argent dawn pally close as i could get without shoulders that are no longer obtainable. hope you guys like it ^-^

Here is link to kinda see what i was going for. https://dcomixologyssl.sslcs.cdngc.net/i/1611/10703/4de5729da1a9d.jpg?h=1307ebf4e96652532d07626406269af5
8/10 for originality however I dont think it flows very well
8/10 - love the look of that set, but I think the weapon detracts from the set as a whole.

8/10 set matches nicely with the sword, don't like the common Bulwark of Azzinoth though.

How's this for a different shield?
8/10, colors are great, like the shield, dunno about the weap.
glorious set is glorious :D
@Inhio 8/10 for a good match for sure but personally im just not a fan of the odd looking female stripper esque armor lol

My mog is no where near complete :( many pieces left to get haha

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