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Very alliancey, but I dont think the shield goes with the rest of the set so 7/10. Pretty decent-IGN.
I like the armor but the sword is just bad. 6/10
Very alliancey, but I dont think the shield goes with the rest of the set so 7/10. Pretty decent-IGN.

The shield doesn't fit? It's got the Stormwind Lion right on it! There's not a whole lot of blue/gold shields in the game anyway, aside for Resplendent Guardian, and it's so small it only looks decent on gnomes.
I know I'm boring
T1 is not horrible, but the shoulders and helm are uggh! 7/10 cause I do like it, but 3 points off is not yours, but blizzards fault.

Just got these pieces today, when I saw someone with the chest piece and cloud keeper leggings. Got these and realized they matched my already mogged shield and sword. And even y ret sword mog is a Shin Blade, which is also blue handled (with the enchant being windsong, its also yellow)
@Zorosblade- 9/10. My husband also uses that set for his pally!
@Porcelynn - 9.5/10. Nice work on the color matching, and nice weapon to match the armor.
@Crystabits - 9/10. Love the outfit. Not sure the weapons really go, but that could just be the Armory.
9/10 looks good, everything goes together.. Too bad BE females weapons are so small, I'd love to see that axe larger on you. Like it though. As for me trying a new getup....hope it doesn't make me look fat lol...
I think you're all over the place with the color. 6/10
8/10, wand looks weird with the set and i prefer the royal crest of lordaeron
You're like a lightning Medusa! Colo scheme goes together really well. 9/10

I can't get the shoulders to drop for this one!
@ Uriel, Nice color combo, 9/10. I dun like the shoulder tho.
@ wikiki
7/10, I like the set, just not that color.
8/10 very nice matching set, but although the weapon is impressive,
I would have given you more for a two-handed sword that matched your
IM A WARRIOR ^_^! <----
@Bysonx 8/10

I really like the warrior look-a-like, too many paladins go with DK-like sets, so that stands out. The blue in the axe doesn't really go, though.

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