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My transmog from a while back. Click the attachment and you'll see it. http://www.preachgaming.com/forum/39-transmogs/10663-thor-transmog-entry#10663

Or you could rate both my current one and that Thor one.

@Laryn I'll give you 8.5/10 I really like the flame theme.
@ Morgraine RE: the set currently displayed on Armory


That set's overall aesthetic is a welcome departure from Blizz's usual approach to pally sets, although I've never cared for its look. That's a matter of taste and not a basis for a rating deduction in my view. The problem with your current xmog is the mismatch between the armor, tabard, and weapon. While each of these three elements might be appealing on its own, they pull the set in disparate thematic directions.

I like how the color matches but I prefer the color scheme of the nonheroic version of that set.

Also i would use the thrall quest cape Mantle of Fury as the patterns match better

Really love the helm, really brings the whole set together better than the judgement recolor I think.

Shiny eyesore. >_<

...Also, name belongs to an Ewok. >_>
(Only reason I came in here, too.)

Shiny eyesore. >_<

...Also, name belongs to an Ewok. >_>
(Only reason I came in here, too.)

Wow, not many people actually catch the reference in the name. Also, 8/10 the colors are kinda meh, but the helm really makes it.
Arrghhhh the helm!


7/10 without

I like the rest, but the helm has got to go
@Aelenll - I really like the color scheme.

I have a 2h equipped instead of 1h/shield because the human female 1h/shield armory portrait is just at a stupid angle.

The same transmog except with 1h+shield:
6/10...the axe doesn't match and it looks more like a warrior set than a paladin one.

Really like it! Hammer is awesome! Though maybe something on the head would have tied it all together.
@ vansir, not bad 8/10....would be higher if the axe went with it more but I like it.

That set looks surprisingly good on Taurens, great choice of white cape/sword to go with that.

Surprising and excellent use of purple.
8.5/10 I give you points for the matching colors and going with a theme, but I honestly can't stand that tier. Maybe because I was stuck wearing it for so long. The helm just always ticked me off with the open visor. You do get points for turning the dress into pants. T2 is the only acceptable "dress" model. Ebon blade tabard doesn't feel paladin at all, but it matches well, so I can't dock you for that. Overall I like it, just not a fan of the tier itself.

For anyone rating me, obviously I am not done with this set, but feel free to dock away for that! Silly pally thinks he's a warrior.
Change the shield. Other than that, I like it. How do you like mine?
9/10 I really like that. Your shield doesn't match perfect, but I'm not sure what shield really would other than maybe some old plain vanilla shield. I'm really not one to care too much about matching weapons with armor unless they are just hideous lol. Yours is fine.

I have a couple other shield options I can go with that actually match my gear really wellTian Protector and Triptych Shield of the Ancients. If I ever get the shoulders that are really supposed to go with this set though, they have really bad clipping, and will clip through most shields when weapons are unsheathed. Bulwark of Azzinoth doesn't have the problem due to how it slants outward as it goes up.
I like yours. I like the shield too but I think it throws off your mog.

keep the helm, makes me laugh
8/10 I like that helm. I know some don't, but I've always liked it. I'm not sure if it's the armory, or what, but some of them look a bit pixelated...like your gloves.

I slapped on different shield that matches a lot better than bulwak of azzinoth.
matches much better than bulwark. not very "paladiny" but i do like it. 8/10. on a side note, where are all the lazy T6 paladins at?

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