Rate that Transmog =D

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I love that set and it looks good on a Tauren. Not crazy about the shield.
Matches nicely and something diff for a change. 10/10.
So much yellow/gold, Wtb a color panel in WoW for better customization.

.... hmm yellow, 7/10 just not a big fan of yellow.
What do you guys think? Still working on it, need to get better legs.
@spirt like it looks cool give you a 8:10
This set is my ret xmog n i luv it. 10/10.
Sweet t6 :D but i say 8/10 only because tabard blends in too much, look for a tabard that makes everything POP.
@Iyashi 9/10

The Lightbringer is nice, but I never thought the boots matched. Grab Tide-Stomper's Greaves in my opinion to complete the look.

As for this set, I'm still trying to find a more suitable helm.
I like the wep alot. Anyone know of any boots that will fit my set better?
I like the wep alot. Anyone know of any boots that will fit my set better?

Yeah, mine.
Lawbringer looks silly on anything other than a human, and I have the best Ret sword in game. At least I've been told that. Yes Banana's are Good for You !!!
As to your Set.. very nice mate.
And why isn't showing my shoulder's !... sigh..same with the Cow above , no shoulders... ><
7/10 green sword does not go with that set and tabard doesn't match but at least for that you could say you're copying the shattered sun offensive look.
9/10, can get a better sword to go along with it, still pretty cool.

shield looks nice and shoulders don't look bad at all with the hairstyle however the tabard does take a portion of the transmog away, i'd recommend the shattered sun offensive tabard because that one does look pretty cool, but the mace and boots do not match.
Blood Knight as a human, not bad.


8.5/10 btw this thread needs more dwarfs
8/10, dwarf's racial sucks for pvp
Perfect expect the boots and can find a better weapon. 8.5/10

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